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5 Reasons To Travel To Egypt

Egypt is one of a kind. It is a country that is full of history and is unique in many ways. It has one of the ancient wonders of the world which is special. Not only that, it was one of the oldest civilizations in history. It even had an Egyptian alphabet with more than 700 hieroglyphics. I recommend everyone take a trip to Egypt in their lifetime. Here are 5 reasons to travel to Egypt.

January 23, 2021

By: Darius Malbon

1. Inexpensive

The trip to Egypt may be far from where you are from; however, it is really cheap. I mean extremely cheap. It is one of the cheapest countries in the world for taking taxis and for eating food. If you are someone who enjoys budgeting and having a great experience without going over board, then Egypt is the place for you. Back in 2019, I was able to take a trip to Egypt for a week for a little over $1000. That also included the round-trip flight and hotel.

Reflection 1: Egypt is definitely a bargain.

2. Ancient Wonder Of The World

The pyramids are one of my favorite sites that I have come across in my lifetime. It is incredible that these sculptures are still standing after 4000 years. Also, these ancient master pieces are massive. Some pyramids were easily a few hundred feet tall and wide. The oldest pyramid of the Pyramids Of Giza is 755.75 feet (230 meters) on the base of each side and 481.4 feet (147 meters) tall. To this day, people still do not know how the Egyptians created these pyramids. However, one thing that we learned is that the pyramids were created to house the King after he or she passed away. It is amazing that we are still able to get close up to these ancient creations; in addition, the surrounding Sphinx are no less impressive.

Reflection 2: The pyramids were breathtaking. At night, they have a light show that displays on the pyramids. It is really impressive.

3. The History And Museums

The history of this country is incredible. I guess it helps when it is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Everything from the pyramids and Sphinx all the way to the Kings of Egypt is history that is almost unimaginable. The hieroglyphics that were on the walls of the pyramids were something that seem alien-like. The Cathedrals were colorful as well and full of history and unique architecture. One can see the mummies in the museums and many of the ancient sculptures in multiple areas. There isn’t anything that I have seen today that compares to that type of history.

Reflection 3: The history and museums definitely can open your perspective.

4. The Sahara Desert

The ocean is a massive creation of water that is overwhelming. The Sahara Desert is basically an ocean of sand. It was hot there and extremely dry; however, it was one of the most unique experiences I ever had. Also, one thing someone can do out there is camp overnight in the desert. The sky is so clear and filled with so many stars. It honestly looked surreal. It was amazingly quiet and peaceful. I believe many people would appreciate the experience.

I rode a horse for the first time when I was there and I was terrified LOL. In addition, my friend was riding a camel. I never realized how tall camels were until I stood next to one. The combination of my height with the height of the camel would not be a mix so I decided to stay on the horse. Even though the horse ride was uncomfortable, I did enjoy how close we were to some of the pyramids, cliffs, and Sphinx.

Reflection 4: The Sahara Desert was hot but interesting in its own way.

5. The Food

Egyptian food was satisfying. It’s not processed like it is here in the United States. They focus more on the grains and vegetables over there but they seasoned it just enough to taste perfect. The food may not be super widespread internationally, but Egyptians believe it is a national treasure.

Reflection 5: Egypt has great and healthy food for an affordable price.

Luke 4:10 – He will command his angels concerning you to guard you carefully.

Disclaimer: This is for general and educational purposes. We are not liable for your travel engagements nor outcomes.

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