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Have you ever felt depressed, hopeless, or all alone?

Suicide is a darkness that can attack anyone. It does not discriminate against gender, age, race, or economic status. What makes it worse is that there isn’t just one cause that creates this darkness. On average, 132 Americans die from suicide each day and an estimated 1 million people worldwide die from it each year. It is up to people to speak up about their experiences and direct people to professional help. Remember, one person can help change the trajectory of another person’s life.

In this personable, realistic fiction-based book, Elijah, suffers depressive episodes and has multiple experiences and drawbacks. He searches for the solution and seems to never be able to find peace. As you read this book, put yourself in Elijah’s shoes to best understand the struggles that he endures.


Do you know your purpose in Life?

Finding your purpose is a crucial aspect of life. When someone doesn’t know their purpose, often they can feel hopeless which can lead to dark situations. Everyone on this Earth wants to know what their purpose is in Life…We all desire to know it. Finding your purpose can lead to someone else finding theirs.

In this personable, realistic-fiction book, David navigates through various life experiences to discover his purpose. Will he ever find his meaning in Life?


How has Race impacted your Life?

Race is a concept in America that has been around for centuries. There are many groups of people affected by race whether people want to accept it or not. We all have our differences but we are more similar than we think. It is a shame that there are people that are fearful of others because of skin tone. Those mindsets cause hatred and division.

In this personable book, Noah listens to different perspectives from different races. Will he ever be able to understand another perspective besides his own?

Share this book! Over 1 million people take their life worldwide each year. Let’s get over 1 million copies released to the World! Help Save A Life!

Disclaimer: If you are in crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1.800.273.8255 or 988 or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741741. You should also seek a professional for assistance.

*A portion of proceeds will go toward suicide prevention research.

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